Slave looking for a mistress with a dirty basement

I am an obedient and very submessive slave who loves to be bound and gagged. I have a fetish for thick silver duct tape so that`s what i prefered to be bound and gagged with. The feeling of being completely helpless, by not being able to talk, move, eat, drink or go to the toilet is so lovely. I am searching for, is the ultimate captivity and humiliation. I want to live in permanent imprisonment in my mistress dark and dirty basement. I have to be bound and gagged properly with thick and adhesive silver duct tape to a chairin a corner in her basement, in a cage, or just on the basement floor, without having opportunities to talk, move, eat/drink or go to the toilet without my mitress permission. To be stored in a basement among her crap and boxes and other useless things is where her slave belongs. Hidden from from the world with no possibilites of escape, sitting there bound and gagged tightly to a chair among your crap and boxes and feeling the duct tape tightly around my ankles, knees, thights , arms, wrist behind my back and my mouth, jaws and neck many times. My mouth is filled with one of my mistress` very dirty panties taped inside to make the gag more effective and humiliating. A mistress between 30 and 70 years old. It is fine if she do have a dark and dirty basement, preferably without windows, so no one can see me when I'm sitting there bound and gagged. The basement doesn't have to be big because a bound and gagged slave does not need much space. it's nice if there are a lot of boxes, junk and other useless things there. If you do not have a basement available, a storage room, a garage or even a car boot can do the same. She must also be good at binding and gagging with duct tape so i get bound and gagged tight and properly, with a mouthfull. My mistress can do whatever he wants with me, but nothing physical that involves pain in the form of being beaten or whipped.

Ad by Boundandgagged on 29.04.2023 from United Kingdom

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